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Female-to-Male Crossdressing

Women in Pants

No, seriously.  Have you ever wondered what cross dressing might be like from another perspective?  For example in the patriarchal culture in Turkey.  From a woman's point of view.  When she gets to put on a fake mustache.   This article has been on the website for a while, but buried in the Significant Other's section.  Maybe it will be read more here.  Originally from Nerve Magazine.

The-Not-a-Man Empire

Women in Pants(II), on Stage, Live, Now!

These women are closer to home.  How close?  Try Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.  That hairy chested guy could be the girl next door.  Suppose it was your SO? 


There's just something about a Woman in a Uniform

One more article in what I hope will be a good collection on women cross-dressing.  This time the American Civil War.  Both then and for reinactors.  It's worth noting how easily we accept that women cross dress to do things that men do, whether its fight, doctor or play jazz like Billy Tipton.  But going the other way all we think about are "Some Like it Hot", and the latest travesty (literally) Sorority Boys.  

    When Janie Came Marching Home

"I thought it finer to go to bed under the stars, with a log fire
for a lullaby, and get up to the shrieking of parrots the next morning,
than to have everything that's enjoyed by a rich man's daughter."

An Australian  biographical article about a woman cross-living, for reasons of access to better jobs and higher pay. Bill apparently never thought of herself as a man, but simply lived as one for reasons of economics and security.  The Bill Edwards Story.

You'll Come a Waltzing, Matilda, with Me: NOT!